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Mizuki Nana to voice heroine for Japanese dub of ‘The Hunger Games’

It’s been revealed that Mizuki Nana will be voice acting in the Japanese dubbed version of the film, ‘The Hunger Games‘.

The survival action film is based on Susan Collins‘ best-selling novel of the same title. Mizuki will voice the heroine Katniss, who volunteers to participate in the life-threatening game.

This will be Mizuki’s first time lending her voice for a lead role in a Hollywood film. “It’s a really wonderful film, so I did my best to liven up the story even more!” she expressed.

Mizuki also commented, “Katniss’ courage, wisdom, and quick-wittedness are manly, so the director advised me to ‘be more wild’.

‘The Hunger Games’ will open in theaters across Japan on September 28th.

Source & Image: natalie & tokyohive

Tags: international media, movie, seiyuu/voice actor

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