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New Super Mario Bros. -- Fastest Selling Wii Game Ever

Early sales data indicated a critical hit for Nintendo with New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Now, thanks to and Enterbrain, we know this to be the case.

As reported today at, Enterbrain sales data puts first week sales for New Super Mario Bros. Wii at 936,734 units. Enterbrain's tracking period for last week ended on Sunday, meaning four days of coverage for the newly released game.

This sales total easily beats the Wii's previous first week sales record holder. Smash Bros. Brawl, released in January 2008, sold 816,000 in its first week.

While does not state this, it's also possible that Wii's New Super Mario Bros. may have beaten the total for the DS New Super Mario Bros. First week sales data from alternative tracking firm Media Create gave the DS title just shy of 900,000 in its first week.

yay for Super Mario Bros! and yay for Nino too! lol.. looks like his endless PR talk about the game didn't go to waste..lmao
he actually contributed as well, buying one as bday present for his darling Oh-chan..fufufufufu

anyone managed to get this game?? how was it?? i so want to play this!
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