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Former HKT48 members leave messages for fans

Previously, it was reported that 5 members from HKT48 withdrew from the group due to personal reasons. On August 21st, members Sugamoto Yuko, and Taniguchi Airi, and research students, Eto Sayaka, and Nakanishi Ayaka left a message for their fans through the group’s official blog.

Sugamoto expressed her gratitude toward her fans saying, “To the fans who supported Yuko, who is negative and a crybaby, thank you. I was happy. I love you all very very much! I’ll always always love you!” Meanwhile, Taniguchi wrote, “Since it was decided suddenly, there may be fans who are confused. I’m very sorry to have worried you.

Regarding the reason for their withdrawal, Nakanishi explained, “I became negligent toward my studies, and I disliked myself for not being able to do the things I used to be able to do. For that reason, I thought that I have to do my best to grow.” Aside from this, the members didn’t reveal any precise reasons for their withdrawal.

Additionally, Eto commented, “I don’t regret leaving HKT48. I am positively thinking about the future. I want to return to being an ordinary girl, and do my best with my studies.” She continued, “I still have a dream. I haven’t given up on that dream. My dream is now far, but someday, I will return.

Komori Yui is the only member who hasn’t left a message on this blog entry.

Source: RBB Today & tokyohive

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