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Fujimoto Miki makes her first public appearance after giving birth


On August 21st, talento Fujimoto Miki attended a presentation event in Tokyo for Uniqlo’s fall-winter collection, ‘Easy Pants‘.

This marked Fujimoto’s first public appearance after giving birth to a baby boy earlier in March. “During pregnancy, I gained 14 kg (30.8 lbs) and now, I’ve lost 15 kg (33 lbs),” she shared. “Now that our lives are centered around our child, our lifestyles have completely changed compared to before.

Fujimoto commented on her husband, comedian Shoji Tomoharu, saying, “My husband helps me with all sorts of things such as changing diapers. He also reads him books. We are full of happiness.” When asked about their plans on having a second baby, she replied, “We do want a second, but we haven’t thought about it yet.” She also revealed, “The baby looks 90% like my husband. Even when he cries, it sounds like ‘Mikitty!’.

‘Easy Pants’ campaign has the concept of “cute, but easy to wear”, and there will be 29 colors and patterns available for women and 15 colors for men. Additionally, Uniqlo requested the Japan Anniversary Association to authorize August 21st as “Easy Pants Day”.

Fujimoto promoted the pants saying, “Because the silhouette is made neatly, it’s very comfortable. I recommend it to busy moms, and I also want girls to increase their girl power by challenging themselves to colors they hardly wear.

Check out pictures from the event below!

Source & Photos: Mantan Web & tokyohive

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