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Johnnys’ Jr. Jesse Lewis in his 1st Lead Role for a Horror Quiz Show


Johnny’s Junior Jesse Lewis was chosen to play the lead role for the upcoming horror TV drama “The QUIZ“. A press conference was held last Aug 21st with fellow Johnnys’ Jr. Keigo Hagiya and Hikaru Iwamoto. Lewis, Hagiya, and Iwamoto will play as students from different Universities who will join the quiz show.

“The QUIZ” follows the story of a not-so-typical quiz show where 10 contestant will vie for the 100 million Yen prize. However, one contestant will be killed off with each question/round.

Lewis was full of enthusiasm when he attended the press conference, “I’m glad that I was chosen for the lead role, I hope to prove to everyone that I can handle this type of roles.”

Lewis previously starred in “Shiritsu Bakaleya” with his fellow Johnny’s Jr. talents and he is currently working with Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Yuri Chinen for “Sprout“.

The three Johnny’s Jr. were asked what they would do if they won the 100 million Yen prize in the fictional quiz show.

“I would have a cinema theater built inside our house and watch DVD's with my family,” Lewis shared.

“I would have my room sound-proof and a drum set and karaoke machine,” Hagiya said.

Lastly, Iwamoto said that he’ll use his designing hobby and build an apparel shop.


His 3rd drama in just a year? The kid is on a roll...

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