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Nishijima Hidetoshi and Kagawa Teruyuki to co-star in TBSxWOWOW joint drama ‘Double Face'


On August 23rd, it was revealed that the commercial TV network TBS and the private satellite network WOWOW will come together and collaborate for an upcoming fall drama titled ‘Double Face‘.

‘Double Face’ will be co-starring the two actors Nishijima Hidetoshi and Kagawa Teruyuki, however they won’t necessarily appear together on the screen all too often, because the drama will be split into two different perspectives inspired by the Hong Kong crime masterpiece ‘Infernal Affairs‘. Japan’s man for big-budget productions, Hasumi Eiichiro (‘UMIZARU’ series, ‘Wild 7′) will be directing this drama adaptation.

Nishijima will play a an undercover agent infiltrating an underground organization and be the main protagonist of the TBS version titled ‘Sennyu Sousa Hen‘ (‘Undercover Investigation’). Kagawa, on the other hand, will play a spy of said underground organization who infiltrated the police force as an elite detective. He will be the main protagonist of the WOWOW version titled ‘Gisou Keisatsu Hen‘ (‘Police Disguise’).

Kagawa praised Nishijima, “He’s as sharp as a blade, very stoic, always trying to find new challenges and full of vigor. I’ve known him for 20 years now, but this is actually the first time we get to appear in the same drama. As soon as we began the filming, I once again was able to confirm how great of an actor he is.”

Nishijima replied, “It’s actually the first time I get to work together with Kagawa, which makes me very excited. It would be great to have a productive giving and taking with him.”

As already mentioned, the drama is drawing a lot of inspiration from the Hong Kong movie ‘Infernal Affairs’ and its Hollywood remake ‘Departed‘. Nishijima’s character has been undercover for six years already and wishes to return to the police force, while Kagawa has been working as a spy for the other side. Things take a complicated turn when their fates begin to intertwine and it will certainly be necessary to watch the drama on TBS and WOWOW in order to grasp the whole picture.

Similar to the original, there will also be a female psychiatrist in both versions played by actress Wakui Emi. Other roles will be portrayed by actress Aoi Yu (WOWOW version only), actor Kadono Takuzo (TBS version only), and actor Ito Atsushi (both versions).

Habara Daisuke (‘Pacchigi!’, ‘Hula Girls’) is in charge of the script.

‘Double Face’ is going to start airing on TBS and WOWOW sometime on October.

Source: Tokyohive | MantanWeb
This sounds really promising! Looking forward to it!
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