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Morning Musume: Suppin Utahime 11th Generation Auditions Preview

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A teaser of the 3rd round Morning Musume's 11 generation audition has aired on Hello! Project tv show Satoyama Life. 56 passed to this round, not including the Kenshuusei who auditioned. How many progressed to the final round, the training camp, has yet to be revealed.

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Ayapan and Risamaru, Nice Girl Project trainees.

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Ookami Hinako, a former auditionee who made it to the training camp for the 10th gen. Has jazz dance experience and said she would call herself a H!P otaku.

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Okamura Rise (center), current Kenshuusei, aged 13.

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Tanabe Nanami (on left in Rise's image), current Kenshuusei, aged 12. Joined Hello! Project through a special audition to join Shugo Chara Egg! as Amulet Diamond in their second generation.

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Nomura Minami, current Kenshuusei, aged 12. Joined H!P in June, previously auditioned for the 9th gen.

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Kosuga Fuyuka (on right in Rise's image), current Kenshuusei, aged 14 and former S/mileage sub-member. Had to drop out of the group before becoming a full-fledged member due to health reasons.

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Oda Sakura, current Kenshuusei, aged 13. Formerly auditioned for S/mileage but failed to make the cut and was added to H!P by Tsunku.

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Ono Haruka (#102), aged 16, a former member of Nice Girl Project and currently an Akihabara Backstage Pass member: whether she's been included as cross promotion/encouraged actively by Tsunku to audition or simply asked if she could and is a genuine contender, we shall see.

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Yoshihashi Kurumi, current Kenshuusei, aged 12.

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Hamaura Ayano, current Kenshuusei, aged 12.

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Mogi Minami, aged 13, a two time former auditionee for Morning Musume, who made it to the training camp at the 9th gen. auditions. And in Tsunku's most questionable decision in a long long time is Currently a H!P Kenshuusei. Sometimes known as Tragic-chan.

Unknown entities:
image host image host image host (Not a bad voice) image host (Qt! Also vocal potential) image host

Credit: Youtube, snapshots from Narz, info garnered from these threads

Seems the Kenshuusei turned out in force for this one. All, some or none of the girls shown could progress to the final training camp. However, it wouldn't be a MM audition if people did not get overly attached to a girl and then get hysterical when she didn't get in, so: I get good vibes from Haruka and her voice seems solid. She also reminds me of Murakami Megumi, which can only be a positive. #TeamAnyoneButMogi though.

Tune in next time to see who Natsu-sensei will break like a twig and leave in floods of tears. ♥
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