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flumpool announces new single + album + concerts

flumpool has announced that they will be releasing a new single and album later this year! They will also be holding concerts at Yokohama Arena and Osaka-jo Hall in January, 2013.

This announcement was made during the Tokyo performance of flumpool’s nationwide tour, ‘Because… I am‘, on August 20th at Tokyo International Forum Hall A. Yamamura Ryuta excited the fans after stating, “I will announce our future schedule!”

flumpool’s upcoming single (currently untitled) is slated for release on October 31st. It will include “Kimi wo Tsurete“, the theme song for Fuji TV’s ‘Mezamashi Doyoubi‘, as its coupling track.

Meanwhile, their new album (currently untitled) will be their first in about 2 years, and is scheduled for release sometime this winter. It will contain around 14 to 15 tracks, including their previously released singles “Akashi“, “Donna Mirai ni mo Ai wa Aru“, “Kakusei Identity“, and “Because… I am“. It will also contain the first song Yamamura wrote and composed himself.

flumpool’s concerts will be held on January 11th and 12th at Yokohama Arena and on the 16th and 17th at Osaka-jo Hall. For each venue, the first and second nights will feature a different set list.

Stay tuned for more details on flumpool’s upcoming releases!

Please be kind, it's my first post!

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