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Because Sho Sakurai will always be Sho...

Arashi’s Sho Sakurai has had a history of being not-so-friendly with his fans. Rumor has it that not only he treats them as invisible, he also refuse to do fan service. There was also a time when he called some fans “ugly”, scowl at them when they visited the set of a drama shoot, thrown umbrellas, breaks cellphones, etc. In short, he has been viewed as a snob to his fans, as tabloids say. However, despite this negative write-ups concerning Sakurai, there are those who have accepted his attitude as it is. Some said that Sakurai has been like that since he was a Junior, so it’s nothing new and they doesn’t care at all.

There are some fans who said that before Sakurai have taken the newscaster stint at NEWS ZERO, he was full of fun. He parties at clubs, goes to blind dates, has blond hair, and even piercings. Moreover, he has a baby-face that doesn’t look hard or stony. However, all that has changed when he got to news reporting. Sakurai have stopped going to bars and blind dates, but his treatment to fans have remained as cold as ever.

There has been recent reports that he was seen in a gay bar in Shinjuku Ni-Chome area, giving Sakurai the reputation that he could be gay. However, fans are quick to defend that he is not gay or even bisexual. According to one fan, Sakurai has an ongoing (sexual) relationship with a certain woman in the sex industry (AV actress?), he often calls her to his apartment in Roponggi, and Sakurai is a favorite client. This is despite the fact that Sakurai is rumored to be dating someone who is not in the entertainment industry. Whether or not Sakurai is in serious relationship or just playing around, this doesn’t damage the love of a true Sakurai fan.

“I know he has a bad character, and this must be stupid to say, but I support him all the way,” one fan stated. “I think it would be great if Sakurai would treat nicely those fans who likes him as he is…

 Johnnys-Watcher via jnewseng

Love him all the way!!!

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