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The Strongest and Longest Arashi Medley Ever!

Believe/Love So Sweet/A.RA.SHI/Monster/One Love

And as for the dreams each kid (who seem to have the same name as the guys lol):

Matsumoto Jun: I wanna be a pro baseball player! I wanna be active in lots of games, and have a large house and cool car.

Sakurai Sho: I wish to be a musician in the future. It’s because I’ve been learning the electone since young and I love music.

Aiba Masaki: My future dream is to become a company president. I wanna be a cool president who wears a beard. 

Ninomiya Kazunari: My dream is to become a pro baseball player. I will definitely throw the opening pitch in the Tokyo Dome.

Ohno Satoshi: I want to become a baker in the future. It’s because I love the smell (of bread)!

Love Rainbow

Ohno's Part in the MJ dance medley

Happiness (25th Aug ver)

KamehamehaKansha Kangeki Ame Arashi

and to end this post: Arashi's Message to their future selves

let's stay together as five forever.
translation can be found here

so proud!

source more segment clips can be found here too.
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