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To Avoid Inconvenience to Junnosuke Taguchi, Rena Komine Quietly Opens a Salon

Actress Rena Komine, who has been reported to be in relationship with KAT-TUN‘s Junnosuke Taguchi, has reportedly open a salon called “ELEMENTS OF FOUR SEASONS” in Tokyo. Komine will serve as the salon’s manager and this is her way of walking her “own path” from Taguchi.

Komine and Taguchi association have started back in 2005 when the two have met on the set of “3 nen B-gumi Kinpachi sensei”. Though both of them didn’t admit or deny any romantic relationship, the paparazzi pics taken last 2009 from their trip from Hawaii have solidified all claims.


Last July 2012, Womens Weekly reported that the two are now semi-cohabitating. Taguchi’s car can be seen outside of Komine’s apartment and they are often seen by neighbors walking-out the dog and so.

After their association was revealed last 2009, Taguchi suffered a setback with his career. Komine’s career have also suffered and she even ceased her blog activities.


Until recently, Komine had started blogging again, mainly to advertise her business. Her salon reportedly boats organic products and celebrity clients like Seiko Yamamoto (wrestler), Maki Aizawa (actress), and Yuri Ebihara (model/actress) have visited her salon. (Her latest blog entry has ARATA as her latest client).

Since Komine hasn’t been able to work as an actress since 2007, she’s now working as a manager of her own store. This move is also being rumored as the actress way of retiring from the show business. However, some says that it is not full retirement, if Komine would be offered any acting job, she’ll be glad to accept.

Johnny’s & Associates are reportedly keeping a tight watch with Komine’s activities, as long as she’s not making her relationship with Taguchi public, they won’t mind their relationship. Since Taguchi is an idol, one wrong move from Komine and it might cause an inconvenience to Taguchi’s own career.

[CyzoWoman] via jenewsdaily

Ahhh...the price of dating someone as hot as Junno, or shall I say, the price of dating someone from Johnny's!

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