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Kabuki actor Ichikawa Somegoro transported to the hospital due to a fall during performance

On the night of August 27th, Kabuki actor Ichikawa Somegoro (39) fell from the stage about 3 meters down, during his performance at the National Theatre of Japan in Tokyo, and was transported to a hospital by an ambulance. According to the parties concerned, he is conscious and the injuries are not life-threatening.

The performance for the day was to celebrate Ichikawa’s father and Kabuki actor Matsumoto Koshiro’s 70th birthday, however, because of this accident, the performance was discontinued.

According to Shochiku Co., Ltd., Ichikawa was found to have contusion on the right side of his head and body. The performance for the 28th will thus be postponed, and Ichikawa’s appearance at Shinbashi Enbujo, where he was scheduled to perform next month, will be cancelled as well.

Matsumoto Koshiro commented, “I am terribly sorry for making everybody worried. I feel relieved that his injury is not as serious as I thought.”

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