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Tenth Anniversary AIDS fundraiser for Tokyo porn channel, raises 4,204,836 yen

As a follow up to this article.

In its typically provocative style, adult satellite channel Paradise TV last weekend featured a masturbation relay race during the tenth incarnation of its two-day AIDS fund drive. The channel, which specializes in wacky porn programming, will hold its “24-Hour TV: Eroticism Saves the Earth” annual fund drive on Saturday and Sunday to raise money and awareness to assist in reducing the spread of AIDS.

The event occurred during August 25th to 26th, ending at 6pm. There were 4,690 people in attendance at the event. In the end, the total sum of the funds raise was exactly, 4,204,836 yen. This double the amount that was raised last year. The 10 adult video actresses that took part in the infamous oppai event, came together to thank those for attending and donating to the worthy cause.

Donations to “Eroticism Saves the Earth” average just under two million yen last year, and are earmarked for the Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention.

Though it might require considerable imagination, there is a serious point to be found within this wackiness: AIDS continues to be a worsening problem in Japan.“We’ve been using the theme ‘Stop AIDS’ as our theme for ten years, but unfortunately there has been an increase in AIDS patients and HIV carriers,” says Paradise TV president Tsuyoshi Shiba.

In May, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare reported that last year the number of new AIDS cases reached 473 — a record high — while 1,056 people were diagnosed with HIV, a drop from 2010 but still the fourth highest figure since 1984, when the government first began compiling data.

Experts say that proper condom usage is a key to reducing the spread of HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS, and over the last decade and a half, the general trend of reported HIV infections and AIDS cases in Japan has been that of a steady increase. “While there is a sense of achievement for having reached our tenth year, we have stronger notion that this is another starting point,” says Shiba.

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