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Yoshitaka Yuriko to appear in Korean drama "Vampire Prosecutor 2"


On August 29th, it was revealed that actress Yoshitaka Yuriko will be making an appearance in the Korean drama “Vampire Prosecutor 2“.

Yoshitaka commented, “Recently I have been really interested in Asian dramas, and this drama that I encountered has the best timing. I’m currently in the middle of shooting, and I’m struggling with it, but it’s for me to step up as an actress.”

“Vampire Prosecutor 2″ is an investigative drama in which a prosecutor, played by Yun Jung Hoon, suddenly becomes a vampire. She then tries to solve several mysterious cases by utilizing his ability as a vampire.

Yoshitaka will play the best fortune teller in Japan who analyzes the colors of people’s aura and reads tarot cards. Her first appearance will be on the second episode, and she will also make an appearance after the ninth episode as well.

Reportedly, Yoshitaka challenges herself in some dangerous scenes without using a stand-in, and she does not hesitate to lift the mood on set during standby time. On the overseas shoot, Yoshitaka commented, “Sometimes I feel disappointed in myself as I come to a stop without being able to perform my part credibly, but I was motivated that all I could do now was not to escape and give up. I think it was the first feeling that arose out of fear.”

“Vampire Prosecutor 2″ will begin airing on OCN starting on September 9th in Korea.

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