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Kanjani8′s “EIGHT RANGER” Movie Immobilizes 880,000 Viewers

On Aug 31st, 34 days since Kanjani8‘s 8th year anniversary movie “EIGHT RANGER” was shown in cinemas, it was able to breakthrough 880,000 cinema-goers.

Directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi, “EIGHT RANGER” was originally a skit performed during Kanjani8′s concerts. When it opened in last July 28th at 155 cinemas nationwide, the movie was able to attract 122,160 movie-goers that earned them JPY 157,836,200 million in box office proceeds during the weekend opening.

The movie was able to attract more audience during the “Ladies Day” weekdays, and while most movie-goers are females, parents and children can also be seen since the movie is a hero-themed. Furthermore, it was regarded as a summer vacation movie so it was able to attract different age range.

To commemorate the immobilization of 880,000 audience, fans can get their EIGHT RANGER emoji/pictograms until Sept 28th. The emojis are for FREE and can be downloaded to any smartphones via EIGHT RANGER official movie site.

The emoji feature each ranger with “BLACK who decides action splendidly”, “RED drinks a beer”, “VIOLET with his sparkling vampire tooth” , “ORANGE says ‘yas san’ ” , “BLUE lovey-dovey blue” , “YELLOW sings 1 FOR ALL, ALL FOR 1″ , and “GREEN respectfully walks with the dog Don Saigou”.

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next year would see a string of Johnny movies released one after the other, good thing a lot looks VERY interesting
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