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A “Yokai Ningen Bem” Movie News Post

Casts of “Yokai Ningen Bem” Illustrated

Prior to the release of “Yokai Ningen Bem” which stars KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya this December, Kamenashi together with Fuku Suzuki and Anne, have been illustrated for “SD” or Super Deformation by yukky. yukky has been known for his works in “Aisatsu no Mahou” and “popopopon” who said it was an honor to draw supernatural creatures of the movie.

“It was lovely,” yukky said after the illustrations was unveiled. He said that he deformed the characters while retaining the delicate features of each of them, such as the sexiness of Bemu, the anger in Bela, and the cuteness of Belo. Despite the scary illustrations, yukky was able to expressed the feelings of sorrow and sadness with each character illustration.

Hidehiro Kono, Yokai Ningen Bem producer, was the one who commissioned yukky to draw the characters. Kamenashi reportedly “laughed so hard until his eyes becomes misty with tears” and asks, “are my eyes really shiny like this?” upon seeing his SD counterpart.

“Yokai Ningen Bem” will hit the theaters on Dec. 15th

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Yokai Ningen Bem to Have a Part 2? + Talks about Rising Cost in Movie Production

“Yokai Ningen Bem” or “Humanoid Monster Bem” movie adaptation, which stars KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya, Suzuki Fuku, and Anne, is nearing its completion, shooting is expected to finish by the end of August.

Although the movie’s budget is supposed- to-be tight, producers have reportedly injected an additional JPY 500 million from the initial JPY 80 million budget. The said increase in budget is to match Fuji TV’s produced-movie “Brave Hearts: Umizaru 4” and “Bayside Shakedown The FINAL movie“. Both movies have a working budget of JPY500 million (other reports indicate that the two movies have JPY 1 Billion production costs) .

It is to be recalled that Yokai Ningen Bem anime was originally produced by Fuji TV, but NTV was the one who decided to make a live adaptation drama and movie.

The risk taken by YnB producers is because they are confident that the movie will do well in the box-office after its 15.6% average viewership during its run (highest ep was 18.9%).

“Brave Hearts: Umizaru 4″ was able to rake JPY 5 Billion from 4 million movie spectators in a month. Furthermore, “Bayside Shakedown The FINAL”, which will be released this Sept 7th, is expected to fight for the 1st and 2nd place spot in Japanese Box Office versus “Brave Hearts: Umizaru 4″.

YnB producers thinks that it would be difficult to compete in the box office race for #1 with Brave Hearts and Bayside Shakedown in the run so they are deciding whether to split the movie into two just like in “Death Note” (starring Tatsuya Fujiwara and Kenichi Matsuyama) and “GANTZ” (starring Ninomiya Kazunari and Kenichi Matsuyama). The first half of YnB will be shown before the end of the year while the other half will be shown after New Year’s.

(Death Note and GANTZ both have an increased in revenue with their part 2; Death Note jumped from JPY 2.85 Billion to JPY 5.2 Billion while GANTZ jumped from JPY2.82 Billion to JPY 3.45 Billion.)

The supposed-to-be movie’s 2nd half will have this for a storyline: Belo succeeds in becoming a human because of Bem and Bela’s sacrifices. Moreover, Bem and Bela finally realized that they have a mutual feelings and decided to get married. However, on the day of their marriage, evil spirits from the West will invade Japan, causing Bela to lose her life during the battle. Fueled by anger, Bem will annihilate all evil spirits with himself also becoming an evil spirit.

With the rumored gorgeous guests from Johnnys’ Entertainment, let’s just see how will Yokai Nigen Bem will fare in the box office this Dec 15th.

*This is a tabloid news, I only wrote this for entertainment.*

credits `1, 2

I don't really think there's a part 2. Filming already ended, giving Kame a few days for DBS rehearsal w/ KT stuff in between. I just hope he doesn't become a walking zombie before the year ends. IDKY, but I'm doubly excited for the Ore Ore movie.
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