9 lives like a kitty cat (juweel) wrote in aramatheydidnt,
9 lives like a kitty cat

Clothing ad promotes "Japan’s beautiful tradition", uses white people

Japan is a homogenous country to be sure, but a recent advertisement from clothing chain COMME ÇA ISM boldly challenges this mistaken stereotype that Japan is full of Japanese people.

It’s actually full of white people.

It all makes sense if you think about it. The business’ name is COMME ÇA ISM. Does that sound Asian to you? Not to mention a store would have to be crazy to run an ad featuring only white people to a nation full of Asian people – right?

The caption on the ad reads, “We should never lose Japan’s beautiful tradition, hemp clothing!” and at the bottom “Yes, Japanese Life.” Clearly, these statements describe the true nature of Japanese tradition and life – brooding Caucasian people with hemp.

Okay, clearly this is either some sort of ironic campaign, that few of us can understand, or perhaps, this is just a unfortunate juxtaposition as COMME ÇA ISM is well known for using white people in their ads.

source - Japan today
Tags: fashion

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