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5:01 pm - 09/02/2012

Kindaichi SP International Cast Announced!!**Story Update**

As reported earlier, Hey! Say! JUMP's Yamada Ryosuke (19) will be starring as Kindaichi Hajime in the drama SP, the 4th Johnnys talent to do so. The drama website has just been updated to reveal additional cast members. Co-starring with him is Hey! Say! Jump's Arioka Daiki (21) who will be playing Saki Ryuta, Kindaichi's kohai. haha Daiki! Entitled Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo – The Hong Kong Kowloon Treasure Murder Mystery, half of the drama will be shot in Hong Kong. Filming starts mid-September.

The rest of the Cast:

Kiritani Kenta
Seungri (BIG BANG/ Korea)
Vivian Hsu (Taiwan)
Wu Chun (ex-Fahrenheit/ Taiwan)
Eric Tsang (Hong Kong)

Messages from the cast is also posted in the website

Asian Stars from 3 Countries to Appear in Yamada Ryosuke’s “Kindaichi”

Stars from South Korea, Taiwan, and Hongkong will be starring in “Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo (Kindaichi Case Files) - Hongkong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case” where Hey!Say!JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke has been chosen to play the 4th generation Kindaichi Hajime.

In the latest live adaptation of this well-loved mystery series, the latest version will take Kindaichi to Hong Kong where his childhood friend Miyuki Nanase will be in a fashion show. However, series of murder happened, which will leads to the Kindaichi’s investigation. 

Among the casts is Big-Bang‘s Seungri, who’ll play as a student from South Korea, working in the hotel where the fashion show will be held. Seungri will be included in the list of suspects; this will be Seungri’s 1st Japanese drama. Next is actress Taiwan/Hong Kong actress Vivian Hsu, who will act as the fashion designer, a key character in the case. It has been 11 yrs. since Hsu have worked for a Japanese drama since “Honke no Yome”. Former Farenheit member and Brunei-born Taiwanese actor Wu Zun (Wu Chun) will play as a Police Detective. Hong Kong actor Eric Tseng will play as the man who once ruled Kowloon known as “Emperor of Kowloon”. Lastly, joining Yamada from Japan is Kiritani Kenta, who will act as the fashion show’s promoter, and fellow HSJ member Arioka Daiki, who will play as the dependable Ryuji Saki and acts as Kindaichi’s assistant.

Half of the drama will be shot in Hong Kong around mid-September and the rest will be in Japan.

Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo (Kindaichi Case Files) - Hongkong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case will be shown this Winter on NTV.

(story/ character roles under the cut)

credits NTV and here

BFF together! OMG Daiki, finally!! 
My Cpop fandom colliding!! Wow, they got Eric Tsang as well. HOMG, legit excited for this! Who will be playing Miyuki/ Yang Lan?

chizzyrei 5th-Sep-2012 06:22 am (UTC)
please don't confuse news with fan made rumors. The first rumored cast of Kindaichi SP were Kawaguchi Haruna, Chinen Yuri and Jang Geung Seuk. But those were unconfirmed rumors. Shida Mirai was never rumored to be in this, it's just that the Yamada X Shida shippers were hoping she'll get casted (she & Haruna are on the same agency).

as for Daiki trading for sprout, now that totally came from a fan made rumor. A fan (notorious for spreading false HSJ news) posted on her blog that Daiki was supposed to star in Sprout instead of Chinen. Well eventually, she got called out for spreading false news (i.e. non existent HK presscon reports, false Official Online accts of HSJ, false Summary reports, among other false news)

well, really, it's gonna be hard to separate what is official from what is false if it starts to spread around in HSJ fandoms. I don't blame fans if they get confused.(That's why some fans are adamant in putting a stop to that blogger's account)

Edited at 2012-09-05 06:28 am (UTC)
ranguren_chan 5th-Sep-2012 03:36 pm (UTC)
Mirai's fairly good as an actress, nanaenam. She's been around in dramas for quite sometime - even earlier than Yamada and what's more is she has been praised in quite a few of those dramas. She even co-starred with Kamiki and Yamada in the live-action Tantei Gakuen Q.

Thanks for enlightening us, chizzyrei. The fanmade rumors are more like speculations and wishful thinkings anyway. It's the irresponsible publishing of such information and making it sound legit that is exasperating to us fans. Glad to know that the Daiki-Sprout thing is cleared out because IMHO other people besides Chinen could have played the part of the male lead in that drama.

Well, the fact that the role Miyuki Nanase hasn't yet been cast up to this point only fuels more speculations and spreading even more false rumors. In this case, a lie often told doesn't necessarily end being revealed us truth.

Personally, I'd like to see Kawashima Umika play the part if only to see how well she can act with a Johnny's idol of her age. Well, they were classmates in high school but she hasn't acted in a project with any of the HSJumpers as far as I can remember.
ranguren_chan 11th-Sep-2012 09:25 am (UTC)
Well, I guess this makes it official then: Nanase Miyuki will be played by Kawaguchi Haruna.
The original rumors turned out to be true after all.

Scroll down to the cast list of this NTV page on the upcoming Kindaichi SP.

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