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Hatsune Miku's "Miku Miku Ni Shite Ageru" Gets 10 Million Views

"Miku Miku Ni Shite Ageru♪" released by ika_mo/Kamo Tsuruta on September 20, 2007, is one of the earliest Hatsune Miku hit songs, and probably the most famous one. The song's original video has finally crossed 10 million views at Nico Nico Douga at 11:41 am, August 30, 4 years and 344 days since its release. Now it is the first Vocaloid tune video reached the historic milestone at Nico Nico Douga. The second most viewed video is "Melt" (8,396,943 views) and the third is "Matryoshka" (5,888,241 views). Let's celebrate with the videos!

Original video with comments  (September 22, 2007)

3D PV (October 25, 2007)

Project Diva ver. PV (July 12, 2009)

Yui Ogura dances with Miku (July 15, 2009)


source: video1, video2, video3, video4

I'm going to make vocaloid and NND culture happen here.
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