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Ueto Aya and EXILE’s HIRO love relationship seems to be over or never existed in the first place?

Since the beginning of this year, many people have been starting to count down to the alleged upcoming marriage of actress Ueto Aya and EXILE’s HIRO. However, the latest rumors suggest that they aren’t together anymore.

It was on New Year’s Day, when newspaper Sponichi reported that the two of them would be getting married this spring. They were said to have been making it official to their families, agencies and sponsors. Ueto was also said to be attending a renowned cookery school to improve her skills for her future husband. The said marriage has never took place and now people begin to wonder what happened.

An entertainment writer commented, “HIRO was supposed to announce their marriage on the final day of EXILE’s nationwide tour on July 1st, but there was no such announcement at all. Naturally many reporters became suspicious and tried to find out what’s going on. The most likely scenario seems to be that HIRO cheated on her. Ueto has a very fastidious personality, which is why should would never be able to forgive unfaithfulness. Also, one of the reasons why Ueto chose him as her partner could be that she thought she would be reassured with an older guy like HIRO. “

Another theory is that a love relationship between Ueto and HIRO has never existed in the first place. It’s true that they are living in the same apartment complex, but not in the same apartment. They are neighbors, that’s all. When Ueto was still together with V6’s Morita Go, they were often seen meeting each other at various places, yet nobody has ever been able to catch a glimpse of Ueto and HIRO having a meal together or anything else that makes them look like a couple, at least not with pictures as proof. Every tabloid and every women’s magazine was frantically trying to get snapshots which would confirm of their relationship, but all their efforts have ended in vain.

An insider expressed, “It’s possible that both sides just used those rumors to their advantage. The timing for Ueto’s alleged relationship with HIRO was perfect. All the bad press because of her break-up with Morita was gone overnight. At the same a tabloid was trailing a scandal involving HIRO and some woman, but they stopped as soon as the rumors about him and Ueto became public.

Will there be a marriage sometime soon or was it all just a rumor utilized by both sides? We will only find out the truth whenever Ueto and HIRO finally decide to deny or confirm this long-lasting rumor, if that’s ever going to happen.

Source: Nikkan Gendai via tokyohive

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