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New unit, ANFLA, to release first album, Unlimited

ANFLA is a female trio formed with well-known Niconico utaite, Wotamin, Vivienne and Kakichoco. They will be releasing their first album on September 12th, 2012. The title of the album is 'Unlimited'. The name ANFLA is combination of the word 'anti' and 'flatter'.


BOD: Unknown
Years active: 2008 - present
Vocaloid impersonated: Hatsune Miku
World is mine
Her name Kakichoco was decided by herself, when she was uploading her first song in NND and she ended up seeing a persimmon seed chocolate in her house (persimmon seed = kaki). Kakichoco is said to be one of the most versatile female utaite in NND. Her list of covers had spanned almost every genre from pop, ballad, rock, hard rock, jazz, etc. It's said that she can sing basically anything.

BOD: Unknown
Years active: 2008 - present
Vocaloid impersonated: Kagamine Rin
Kisaragi Attention
from Y to Y

She has a thin, stringy and bouncy voice which can hit high notes very well, and she has the ability to scream well in her covers; therefore, she has one of the most well-known Rin-type voices, and often plays the Rin part during collabs for songs such as Mr. Music and Juvenile.

BOD: April 20, 1987
Years active: 2008 - present
Vocaloid impersonated: GUMI, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin
She likes the colors Red and Pink.
Utada Hikaru is her favorite artist.
Nisoku Hokou
Sweet Devil (HachioujiP original)
Mozaik Role (DECO*27 original)

She has a well balanced range as she can hit both relatively high and low notes. She often does collabs with Clear, forming the pair 'Clewota'. Wotamin's voice has a wide range. She can sing low songs but she can hit high notes too. Wotamin can sing in any genre but she specializes in upbeat songs more.

Unlimited Tracklist

01. FlatterEcho / ALL Members *Original
Lyricist:ANFLA Composer・Arranger:samfree

02. Ren'ai Philosophia / ALL Members *Cover
Lyricist・Composer: KurousaP Arranger: wasshoi's

03. Sweet Torturer / Wotamin *Original
Lyricist: Wotamine Composer・Arranger: Scop

04. Overdriver / ALL Members feat.Baru *Original
Lyricist: Toukahoka, Composer・Arranger: emon

05. Child’s Garden / Vivienne・Wotamin *Cover
Lyricist・Composer・Arranger: otetsu

06. Gretel / ALL Members *Original
Lyricist: Toukahoka, Composer・Arranger: Umetora

07. Dream World / Vivienne *Original
Lyricist: Vivienne Composer・Arranger: Yuuyu

08. Huckleberry / ALL Members *Original
Lyricist・Composer・Arranger: Nem

09. Karakuta Shoujo / Kakichoco・Wotamin *Cover
Lyricist・Composer・Arranger: PolyphonicBranch

10. Shinshoku / Kakichoco *Original
Lyricist: Kakichoco Composer・Arranger:Dios/SignalP

11. Jitter Doll / Kakichoco・Vivenne *Cover
Lyricist・Composer・Arranger: niki

12. battle ballad / ALL Members *Original
Lyricist・Composer・Arranger: Sunamori Takeo(SunaP)

Compilation/Crossfade of the tracklist

Renai Philosophia MV

source: 1, 2, wotamin, Vivienne, Kakichoco, Miss-simplicity @ tumblr
Tags: music/musician, music/musician (indie)

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