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√5 LOVE DOCTOR Live Action PV + Live Event + Karaoke video

Originally from NICONICO

For the letters at the end, they all start with
Dear ____,

I’m really pleasure to get your letter.
But I’m sorry I can’t answer your feeling.

And then the P.S.s
- P.S. Don’t get bald anymore, Pokota.
- P.S. Have a Light sleep, Kettaro.
- P.S. Dasoku, when will you get married indeed?
- P.S. Michan, your cat or me, which would you choose?
- P.S. Too much daydream is bad for you, koma’n.

√5 Live Event

MERRY GO ROUND / Senbonzakura / Love Doctor

Karaoke/ JOYSOUND Utasuki

source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Lol at Mi-chan wearing his glasses over his hair. And during the live, just look at Pokota go, like he belongs in JE or smth.

Tags: lol, music/musician, pv, super kawaii

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