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What’s going on with Junnosuke Taguchi’s relationship with Rena Komine?

Rumor has it KAT-TUN’s Junnosuke Taguchi might be getting married to actress Rena Komine soon, reports Gekiura! Geino Japan.

Cyzowoman has reported the two had been spotted on dates since 2007, and had been caught going on holiday to Hawaii in 2009.

A July issue of weekly gossip magazine Shukan Josei had reported the couple were pretty much living together in Taguchi’s apartment in Tokyo, and have been seen together taking their dog for a walk.

But ever since the first scandals came out about Komine and Taguchi, Komine had been fading from the public eye. By October last year she had even stopped writing in her blog.

It has been reported things started to change for Komine on July 15 this year when she re-launched her blog, and announced she had opened up her own beauty salon ELEMENTS OF FOUR SEASONS. The salon offers organic makeup products, organic foods, and even gives customers the chance to create their own power stone bracelets.

It has been reported Komine’s next move is to start thinking about settling down.

“Rena Komine hasn’t had any acting jobs lately and she doesn’t seem to have any regrets about it either. Apparently she’s thinking about marrying Taguchi as soon as her beauty salon business gets on track. The only problem is that he’s a Johnny’s talent so it won’t be easy. Taguchi’s only options could be to either leave KAT-TUN or leave the agency altogether. Taguchi doesn’t have too many jobs himself so it’s highly likely,” one source said.

Another source said Komine is already threatening Taguchi’s career.

“A number of times Johnny’s have warned Taguchi to break up with Komine. Not because he’s a pop star, but probably more because Komine is a bad influence. Some information indicates she used to work in something similar to the adult-entertainment business, and she’s been spotted walking down the streets wearing skimpy outfits. The staff who work with Taguchi are worried these things could damage his reputation,” an publicity agency leader said.

Although neither have admitted to being in a relationship, for many Taguchi fans, Komine’s presence is not exactly welcoming. Things might be different if she retires from the public eye completely, but in the mean time, all fans can do is wait and see what happens.

I wasn’t planning on writing this story, but because I’ve read stories about Rena Komine in a few different places, I thought I might as well – Momo.

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If it's true, then they've been together for more than 5 years now, that could only mean Junno is happy with her.
but Junno doesn't strike me as someone who'd dare get married early. (REALLY) If he does though, I'm sure KAT-TUN is gonna keep him.
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