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Clamp's xxxHOLiC Gets Live-Action TV Adaptation

It was revealed on Friday that Clamp's xxxHOLiC manga series will be adapted as a live-action television program to be broadcast on Japan's WOWOW premium television station in 2013. The actress and model Anne will play the role of Yuuko, while Sometani Shota will play the character Watanuki. The series will be directed by Toyoshima Keisuke.

xxxHOLiC was originally published in Kodansha's Young Magazine and Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine from 2003 to 2011, and tells the story of Yuuko, a witch who grants people's wishes, but in return the person has to give up something precious, and Watanuki Kimihiro, a man who has visions. One day, Watanuki encounters Yuuko and she promises to get rid of the spirits that torment him. In return Watanuki must work in Yuuko's shop and help her grant other people's wishes.

xxxHOLiC was published in North America by Del Rey Manga, and Funimation released the North American edition of the title's anime adaptation produced by Production I.G.

It will premiere on premium WOWOW channel in 2013.

Source: ANN | MantanWeb | Clamp-Net 
I'm trusting WOWOW on this one. 
Tags: actor/actress, anime/animation, drama, manga

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