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SMAP Adds Consecutive Tokyo Dome Concert to their “Gift of SMAP” Tour 2012

Popular Johnny’s group, SMAP, who is currently in the middle of their “GIFT of SMAP-TOUR 2012-“, have added new tour dates and venues.

SMAP is planning to mobilized 900,000 audience in total with the Tokyo Dome leg of their tour that will lasts for five consecutive days from Sept. 26th to 30th.

The group have managed to mobilize around 300,000 audience from their tour that started in Fukuoka last Aug 23rd. The group have recently concluded the Osaka leg of their tour last Sept 2nd and will continue on Sept 12th at Nagoya.

SMAP Tour 2012 will end on Christmas Eve at Sapporo Dome in Hokkaido.

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