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10:57 am - 09/09/2012

Koki's Nazi uniform causes controversy

Tanaka Koki, member of the popular Johnny's idol group, KAT-TUN, has been stirring up some controvery recently as his new PV "Black or White" was leaked on to the internet. So what's the big deal? Some netizens are upset that Koki is dressed in full, Nazi uniform. The full PV can be viewed here.

To be specific, Koki sports the notorious SS black uniform, which was used from 1932 to 1934 in Nazi Germany. The SS uniform was worn specifically by people who worked in concentration camps and closest to the Third Reich. The PV features him dancing in the Nazi garb, while switching between scenes of him being experimented on. The SS was also notorious for conducting horrendous "medical experiments" on many Jews in concentration camps.

Koki's uniform shows off several Nazi era paraphernalia, including:

The Third Reich Eagle Emblem 

The Third Reich government adopted the eagle as a national symbol (Hoheitszeichen), in common with previous German governments and several other European countries. Originally, the design was to show the eagle's head facing to its right when used as a national symbol, and to its left when used as a Nazi Party symbol, but this convention was not always followed. The eagle's claws were to grasp a wreath of oak leaves surrounding a swastika.

The Iron Cross

The Iron Cross was used as the symbol of the German Army from 1871 to March/April 1918, when it was replaced by a simpler Greek cross. In 1956, the Iron Cross resumed its German military usage, as it became the symbol of the Bundeswehr, the modern German armed forces. 

However, the Nazi swastika band cannot be seen on his arm. 

Many netizens have voiced their concerns over the PV, including:

"That PV is disgusting, not only the SS uniform but also the experiment bits...Japanese groups have been called out for this shit before, he must've known. This is a disgusting grab for attention and it will work,"

"lol i don't get why you are all reacting so badly. okay well i do, but it's been done before and it shouldn't be a huge deal anymore. vk bands have dressed up with the actual nazi-swastika attached to their costume. for years and years and years."

It is widely known that the Japanese were allied with Germany during World War 2. However, many Japanese are still uneducated on the full extent of the atrocities done by the Axis Powers during the war.

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Tanja Krueger 9th-Sep-2012 05:41 pm (UTC)
Sorry but...
You are not German. You don't know how it is to have always this stupid 'Nazi-Image'.
Really, it's tiring and annoying.
I'm not disrespectful and I don't say people should be over it..
But what has the stuff to do with a UNIFORM?!
It's similar but it's not the same.
Should I cry around now about every army uniform? You even know what American has done in Germany in the war?
No, Germans don't cry around because of it... We think it's horrible what happens but to make a drama about a UNIFORM!!
It's so annoying.
bleed_peroxide 9th-Sep-2012 05:59 pm (UTC)
You are not German. You don't know how it is to have always this stupid 'Nazi-Image'.

I am German. Well, 'scuse me, German mother and American father. My Opa fought for Germany in the war - not as a Nazi, but one of the unlucky kids enlisted during that time who just so happened to despite Hitler. I've been labeled a "Nazi". I've had people go "heil, Hitler" at me when they find out my lineage. Yeah, it fucking sucks. Yeah, I fucking hate that decades later, Germany is still synonymous with "Nazi" in a lot of people's eyes.

That annoyance for any of us is absolutely nothing compared to what millions went through. Nothing we go through will ever compare to what they endured, and honestly, I hope nobody forgets it. I hope that nobody will ever just brush off the fact that the Holocause happened, and anyone who is offended by this has every right to be angry and upset. The artist did this for no better than reason than liking the uniforms and liking the visceral reaction it creates in people.

Shut the fuck up and sit down. Don't you dare tell anyone that ~oh it's annoying~ that Nazi uniforms are still connected with the atrocities of the Holocaust and that, gee whiz, it still upsets people. It's ~annoying~ when people like you just brush it off and willfully ignore the suffering connected with those images.
wicked_seraph 9th-Sep-2012 06:07 pm (UTC)
Hold the fuck up.

You are not German. You don't know how it is to have always this stupid 'Nazi-Image'.

My mother is German. She's had people over here make incredibly offensive "heil" gestures towards her (to which she responded by slapping the person who made it). My grandfather fought against Americans in WWII. I'm half-German, for crying out loud, and others have considered that fair-game for making all kinds of delightful commentary. I've had an ignorant family friend suggest that my sister and I go "marry another Nazi" as soon as he found out we were German.

Here's the thing though: this doesn't give me, or you, a license to be dismissive towards those whose families have suffered due to the Holocaust. I understand that it sucks, a lot, for some people to still assume that German = Nazi, but it's small potatoes compared to what millions of people suffered back then, and still suffer now. It's absolutely nothing - and honestly, if this is the worst that you or I have to deal with after something that horrific, we ought to consider ourselves fortunate. Other nationalities and ethnicities have not been lucky. Your complete insensitivity and lack of concern is embarrassing.

PS: No, Germans don't cry about it, but that's not an excuse to brush it off. My mother was one of the first people to point out that yo, that picture on your Dir en grey t-shirt is a Nazi, and you better fucking throw it away.
cherrycoloured 9th-Sep-2012 06:21 pm (UTC)
Really? Fuck you. I'm Jewish, and my grandparents escaped Germany, Poland, and Russia, respectively, because of the Nazis. They had to leave their entire lives behind so that they would not be tortured and killed by a genocidal dictator. Nothing you've gone through as a modern German can compare to what happened to Jewish (and gay and Romani and disabled) Europeans during WWII, so don't even try to act like a victim. Yes, being called a Nazi in these days can hurt on a personal level, but it's a microscopically small thing compared to the atrocities of the Holocaust.
fulllove 9th-Sep-2012 06:28 pm (UTC)
Don't agree with you. You must understand that it could be hard for Jewish to get over this. My Grandmother who is a Jewish from Germany can't get over it because many members of her family perished during this war.

So I really understand people who can't get over atrocities (Holocaust, slavery, Hiroshima's bomb...) they experienced.
yuuki_saya 9th-Sep-2012 07:04 pm (UTC)
I agree with you. I'm not German but Polish, but all this drama over war is sickening. Instead of building we're crying, not letting younger to learn, that sometimes humanity is at it's worst and they should be aware. This "Nazi-image" is stupid :/
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