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10:57 am - 09/09/2012

Koki's Nazi uniform causes controversy

Tanaka Koki, member of the popular Johnny's idol group, KAT-TUN, has been stirring up some controvery recently as his new PV "Black or White" was leaked on to the internet. So what's the big deal? Some netizens are upset that Koki is dressed in full, Nazi uniform. The full PV can be viewed here.

To be specific, Koki sports the notorious SS black uniform, which was used from 1932 to 1934 in Nazi Germany. The SS uniform was worn specifically by people who worked in concentration camps and closest to the Third Reich. The PV features him dancing in the Nazi garb, while switching between scenes of him being experimented on. The SS was also notorious for conducting horrendous "medical experiments" on many Jews in concentration camps.

Koki's uniform shows off several Nazi era paraphernalia, including:

The Third Reich Eagle Emblem 

The Third Reich government adopted the eagle as a national symbol (Hoheitszeichen), in common with previous German governments and several other European countries. Originally, the design was to show the eagle's head facing to its right when used as a national symbol, and to its left when used as a Nazi Party symbol, but this convention was not always followed. The eagle's claws were to grasp a wreath of oak leaves surrounding a swastika.

The Iron Cross

The Iron Cross was used as the symbol of the German Army from 1871 to March/April 1918, when it was replaced by a simpler Greek cross. In 1956, the Iron Cross resumed its German military usage, as it became the symbol of the Bundeswehr, the modern German armed forces. 

However, the Nazi swastika band cannot be seen on his arm. 

Many netizens have voiced their concerns over the PV, including:

"That PV is disgusting, not only the SS uniform but also the experiment bits...Japanese groups have been called out for this shit before, he must've known. This is a disgusting grab for attention and it will work,"

"lol i don't get why you are all reacting so badly. okay well i do, but it's been done before and it shouldn't be a huge deal anymore. vk bands have dressed up with the actual nazi-swastika attached to their costume. for years and years and years."

It is widely known that the Japanese were allied with Germany during World War 2. However, many Japanese are still uneducated on the full extent of the atrocities done by the Axis Powers during the war.

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hisjulliet 10th-Sep-2012 05:43 am (UTC)
"Yeah I understand that you feel offended but I seriously think that we should just see this as a pv and nothing more."

Way to contradict yourself. First you tell cherrycoloured they can be offended, and then right after this you practically say they can't be offended and to ignore the mv, like being offended is a "choice".

Do not dictate other people on what they can and can't be offended by.
seelenlicht 10th-Sep-2012 06:46 am (UTC)
Why do I contradict myself? I say that I UNDERSTAND IF they feel offended because they have an emotional bond to this very difficult topic but think that they should calm down a bit because no matter how much they get worked up NOTHING will change in the end. Cause symbols, clothes and concepts like these are established since YEARS in Japanese pvs and other stuff.
So why the hell should we start such a big drama over it if in the end of the day everything will stay the same just because Japanese ppl have an absolutely different attitude towards this?
hisjulliet 10th-Sep-2012 07:22 am (UTC)
"NOTHING will change in the end"

This is not true. It might not be the case for this particular issue, but change happens when enough people "complain" about a serious issue. Change happens when people bring up an issue and do not stop talking about it. This is what happened during the civil right movements in the U.S; this is what happened when Gays and Lesbians could finally marry in New York. Change happened because people spoke about the injustice.

I'm going to say this again: a person cannot "choose" to be offended. When a person is hurt emotionally, they are hurt emotionally. Period. It doesn't matter that them getting upset "won't change anything", it's just that they are upset by this and are expressing their emotions. It's pretty obvious nothing ~dramatic~ will happen in Japan after some article brings up this issue. People here know that.

You still fail to grasp the concept of human sympathy. Let people vent. They - are - upset. Don't you understand, there are family members here of people who were actual victims of Nazi Germany. Why are you so concerned by people getting upset about this when they have every right to be. Try to understand. Please.
seelenlicht 10th-Sep-2012 07:35 am (UTC)
Complaining where? On Arama?!

"It's pretty obvious nothing ~dramatic~ will happen in Japan after some article brings up this issue. "
Umm I don't know whether you noticed it or not but this article is not a translation of one which was published in Japan...(I think the op wrote it?)
Moreover...there WON'T be an article in Japanese tabloids about this pv, because it's absolutely unnecessary. In contrast to the people here, Japanese DON'T feel offended by such a pv. Like several people already mentioned: This clothes and this concepts did exist in the musical industry for years. This uniform is just an accessory for them, nothing more.
I highly doubt that there will be many people who will notice the nazi thing at all.

"Don't you understand, there are family members here of people who were actual victims of Nazi Germany."
Half of my family was killed in the war while fighting in Russia...So I DO understand that they might be hurt.
I just think that it's senseless to deal with this topic here. Complaints won't bring anything because...again it's just Arama. And I highly doubt that people will feel better after saying that this is disrespectful and that it offends them.
In my opinion they should just...accept that in japan this nazi association isn't a big deal at all and try to NOT watch or read articles like this. So they don't have to feel the pain.
hisjulliet 10th-Sep-2012 07:51 am (UTC)
I already know Japanese people will find no problem with this. I am fully aware with their Nazi fetishism.

"highly doubt that people will feel better after saying that this is disrespectful and that it offends them."

People already know this. But they don't care, because they are upset; blinded by emotion. Rational thinking should not exist during hurt feelings. It's natural human reaction. Just because you have better control of your feelings does not mean the rest of the world does.

"they should just...accept that in japan this nazi association isn't a big deal at all and try to NOT watch or read articles like this. So they don't have to feel the pain."

No. People here don't have to "accept" anything from this bullshit from Japan. Japan should be the one that should change their disgusting and unhealthy relationship with Nazi products and ideas. And in order to do begin this change, people have to voice their opinions about the issue; whether it's in the form of emotions or words or both.

and scrolling past these articles won't change anything; they will still read the title/see the pictures and get hurt by it. Which I say again: they have every right to be.

terrorpinguchib 10th-Sep-2012 01:44 pm (UTC)
so honestly, usually I'm more on the "Let's get this over with"-side, but sometimes you just HAVE to stop doing something. Everyone here knows people in japan aren't as sensitive as others when it comes to nazi germany, but sometimes I really wonder if they ever think about their image to the world...

yes, the holocaust and everything related to it was horrible, just as much as the things the SS (and before, the SA) did. and yes, our current generation in germany is fucked because we still have to cope for what our great-grandparents or whoever did. but that doesn't mean it's okay to a) be outraged everytime someone does something nazi-related (just remember the time when Mein Führer - a satirical movie about hitler - came out in germany) and b) do something totally tasteless just because 'whatever it was too long ago'

(discussing the power jewish people have now - especially in germany - is a complete different topic, so we should do that elsewhere)

there will hopefully be the day when people can get over it but until now, you just have to make sure you're not tactless.

there is a line and japan still steps over it.
hisjulliet 10th-Sep-2012 05:35 pm (UTC)
I agree with what your are saying for the most part, but no, I don't agree that people should "get over it." It's not that simple. And it is not your place to say. I'm curious, would you ever tell a war victim this? How would you feel if you went through the most horriblest moments of your life and years later you hear from someone telling you to "get over it"? Seriously, how would you feel?

My grandmother wasn't a victim of Nazi Germany, but she was a victim of the war between Japan and the U.S. When she was a little girl she had to constantly move areas because of the bombing. She even experienced the bombing first hand. To this day she refuses to see any movies about the war. She won't even tell me all the horrors she went through. After the war she had barely nothing - no photos, no money, no real food - she had to eat the same damn canned food for years.

Personally, if someone told her in front of her face to "get over it", I would punch them in their face. You never tell people get over something, no matter how small you think the matter is. You just don't.
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