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Tatsuya Ueda’s bittersweet crush

KAT-TUN’s Tatsuya Ueda gave fans a look slightly sad, yet real story about his love life in the October edition of Poporo magazine, reports Johnny’s Kenkyukai.

It has been reported when pop stars talk about their love life, most of the time it is either brief or something which happened when they were at primary or junior high school. But in this month’s Poporo, Ueda told a slightly different story, which is also likely to be recent.

“Once there was a girl I really liked, and when we had dinner together it was so much fun and we got along so well we lost track of time. Then we went on dates, and I began to like her even more. But after the fourth date, I began to think that something wasn’t right. I really liked her, but I had this feeling that it wouldn’t work out if we started going out… In the end, I never told her I had feelings for her, and that was that. It was a really unfortunate decision because I did like her.”

While it is difficult to put a date to the word “once”, it is quite clear this is not a story from his childhood if they went out for dinner. The fact they went on four dates could also indicate the lady had feelings for Ueda too. It is also difficult to imagine a young Ueda, or any young person for that matter, being able to give up on a relationship while he still had feelings for her unless he had had enough dating experience to notice the small things he knows are important in a relationship.

Either way, even if the story did not have a happy ending, it did give a glimpse into how much Ueda values his relationships.

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My image of Ueda is someone who doesn't run out of dates, lol
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