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Ex-Youtube Dancers "Dancing Dolls" debut (Mega post, kind of)

5 piece dance unit Dancing Dolls, which has racked up more than 10 million hits on Youtube, will be making their official debut on September 12 as a Dance&Vocal group (Not an Idol group!) with the doube A-side single “Touch -ASAP- / Shanghai Darling”. The single will include three tracks. Touch is the dance cover version of theme from the famous anime Touch, while Shanghai Darling is the remake version from Orange Range’s Shanghai Honey. Golden Bomber’s Kiryuuin Shou has also written a track, “Meromerobakkyun”, for the emerging group’s first release.

Dancing Dolls is formed by 5 high school girls from Osaka. The group performed a number of energetic street performance at Osaka Castle Park, and videos of those performance have been posted on Youtube and other video channels, catching the attention of many.

Their debut PVs "Touch -ASAP" and "Shangahi Darling" were posted here. I recommend you watch "Touch ASAP" PV first.

Regular Edition

  • CD
    1. Touch -A.S.A.P.- (タッチ -A.S.A.P.-)
    2. Shanghai Darling (上海ダーリン)
    3. Melomelo Bakkyun (メロメロバッキュン)
    4. Touch -A.S.A.P.- (タッチ -A.S.A.P.-) (Instrumental)

Limited Edition

  • CD
    1. Touch -A.S.A.P.- (タッチ -A.S.A.P.-)
    2. Shanghai Darling (上海ダーリン)
    3. Melomelo Bakkyun (メロメロバッキュン)
    4. Touch -A.S.A.P.- (タッチ -A.S.A.P.-) (Instrumental)
  • DVD
    1. Touch -A.S.A.P.- (タッチ -A.S.A.P.-) (Music Video)
    2. Shanghai Darling (上海ダーリン) (Music Video)
    3. Osaka “Shiroten” kara Yattekita Dancing Dolls Desu!! (大阪“城天”からやってきたDancing Dollsです!!(ドキュメント映像))

The group consists of 5 members who are all childhood friends and got their start dancing on the streets, in parks, and holding one-man lives. The girls also write their own songs and choreograph their own routines.

Hono (center girl): Age 15, dance/vocals
Mii (Orange shirt): Age 16, main vocals/dance
Misaki (Wearing a hat.): Age 17, vocals/rapper/dance/choreographer
The twins: Asuka & Kyoka Age 17, dance/vocals

Sources: 1 + 2 + 3

I'm a fan of their dance covers on youtube. Honestly, I felt really sad when they closed their youtube channel. Now I'm happy to know the reason they closed it. They're debuting! They were times when I thought (while watching them) "Japanese dancers are so fuckin' good, why can't they debut as music groups?!" So, I'm really happy that the youtube dancers "Dancing Dolls" got the chance to debut.
The girls used to upload their dance covers of Perfume, AKB48, SNSD, KARA, Big Bang, 2NE1 and many more. The only covers left on youtube are the ones that got uploaded by other channels. I have just uploaded their cover of Perfume's Laser Beam for you guys to watch.

Youtube Dance Covers:

Perfume- Laser Beam

SNSD- Mr.Taxi


4Minute - I MY ME MINE

SNSD- The Boys

KARA- Go Go Summer

Sources: 1 + 2

Street performances:

Opening Medley

Touch -A.S.A.P

Sources: 1 + 2 >>Check them for more street performances (can't embed them)

Official Twitter:
Official Facebook:
Official Site:

Anyone interested in translating the lyrics of their debut pvs? I want to sub them. (Mostly "Touch ASAP")
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