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Kindaichi SP Films in Hong Kong

Hey! Say! JUMP’s members Yamada Ryosuke and Daiki Arioka, together with Japanese actress Kawaguchi Haruna were filming a Japanese TV drama «Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo» this morning (12.09.2012) at the North Point, Hong Kong.

Yamada Ryosuke and Kawaguchi Haruna both wearing school uniform, playing the roles of Kindaichi and Nanase Miyuki respectively. The scene filmed involves Yamada taking two packages (looks like the kind of buns with meat or red beans inside it to me) and put them on his chest while twisting his body looking so funny. Upon seeing this, Kawaguchi Haruna then took a book and use it to hit his head, and later even twists his ear. Next to them, Daiki Arioka holding a camcorder and videotaping them.

The Japanese are so serious when doing their jobs, everytime they completed a scene they’ll arrange back all the filming props. There were about 50 fans gathering at the filming location, adding all the other pedestrians, there were around a hundred of people watching.

(Translated, excuse the small lingual alterations.)

credits HKnews1, HKnews2, Mingpao trans credit here

lmao Dai-chan, the changes they did to you, you're looking too much of  a kohai now. & Yamada arrives w/ his LV bag :O

Tags: actor/actress, drama, hey!say!jump, international media

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