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Meet the 6 finalists for Morning Musume's 11th generation auditon!

Kishimoto Yumeno

Age 12 (04/01/2000), from Osaka
NAC Agency profile

Makino Maria

Age 12, from Aichi

Ichioka Reina

Age 14, from Tokyo

Oda Sakura

Age 14 (March 12, 1999), from Kanagawa
Participated and made it to the final round in the 2011 S/mileage auditions.
Joined Hello!Project as a Kenshuusei in November 2011.

Ono Haruka

Age 16 (February 20, 1996), from Kangawa
Was a Nice Girl Project trainee.
Was a member of the Akihabara Backstage Pass Idol Group produced by Tsunku.

Hamaura Ayano

Age 12 (04/26/2000), from Saitama
Joined Hello!Project as a Kenshuusei in June 2011.
Participated in the 10th generation auditions but did not make it.

Footage of each finalist:
Full clip of the finalists from Satoyama! Life

Sources: one, and two
When videos from the episode come out, I'll be sure to put them here. Based on looks alone, I like Maria and Reina. Ayano is also ridiculously adorable, even if she sings like a S/mileage member.

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