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This is a short haired Aoi Yuu post

Aoi Yuu debuts short hair
On September 14th, it was revealed that actress Aoi Yuu has exchanged her trademark long hair with a fresh new short hairdo.

Aoi will be showing off her new hairstyle and explaining the reason for the bold change in the upcoming November issue of the fashion magazine ‘mina‘ (release: September 20th). It’s the second time for her to grace the cover of said magazine since June 2010.

In a few short excerpts from the magazine’s interview, she explained, “Something about long hair feels like you’re deceiving others. All this time it helped to gloss over my great number of faults and I felt like it’s time to stop escaping, and face them.”

Of course it wasn’t an easy decision for her, since she has been sporting that long black hair ever since her debut and has grown quite fond of it over the years. She tried to look at it from a different perspective and said, “By cutting my hair I want to drive my self forward even further.”

Furthermore, Aoi explained that this change has something do with how she felt at the age of 23. She revealed, “Back then I actually wanted to quit my job.” Like many actresses her age, she has been in the business since a very young age. At the said age she could no longer stand her own matter-of-fact attitude towards works anymore. That’s the reason why the now 27 year-old Aoi has finally decided to work on removing the layers of armor she accumulated ever since she entered the industry.

She expressed, “Cutting my hair was the first step forward.”

Aoi can currently be seen the popular movie ‘Rurouni Kenshin‘ and will also star in Iwai Shunji’s upcoming English movie ‘Vampire‘ (release: September 15th). Moreover she will appear in Yamada Youji’s new movie ‘Tokyo Kazoku‘ early next year.

Aoi Yuu to star in new CM for "Right-On"
On September 14th, it was announced that actress Aoi Yuu was appointed to star in the new CM for the jeans and casual apparel chain store ‘Right-on‘.

Aoi will sport her new short hairstyle that she recently revealed in the CM. She cut her trademark long hair in order to personally make a step forward in her life and commented, “I can’t remember that I’ve ever sported such a short hairstyle. It feels like I’m a completely new person. I was surprised that shampooing can be that easy!”

The fashion concept of ‘Right-on’ is “the beginning of my new self.” and Aoi’s bold change in style seems to perfectly match with it. The CM, titled ‘check’, features an autumnal atmosphere. Aoi can be seen strolling along the road in a foreign city wearing a checkered shirt and denim from the fall collection of ‘Right-on’. She suddenly stops in front of a car and checks her own appearance in the reflection of the side window, when suddenly the window is rolled down and she is left facing an elderly gentleman sitting inside. Flustered, she hurries to get away and can’t help but smile at the situation.

The filming took place in Sydney, Australia in the middle of August. Including all the extras, the whole team was made up of a total of 150 people. Although it was quite cold during the filming, you can see that she enjoyed the filming and delivered a very natural performance.

Of course her short hair had been the big topic among the Japanese and even the foreign staff. Aoi revealed that she herself has yet to fully grow accustomed to the new hairdo and that she recently had a dream where she was sleeping with her hair tied up. She continued, “When I woke up, still in my dream, my hair suddenly grew back to shoulder length and I was completely dumbfounded.”

A second CM titled ‘Dasshutsu’ (Escape) is already slated for a release in November.

[CM and making of]


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