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Aya Ueto announces marriage to HIRO, 2ch would rather discuss her handwriting

Check out the handwritten letter in its full size here!

Some comments, courtesy of 2ch:

It may look like good handwriting but it's actually hard to read

Too long


I feel like it's good but I can't read it

Very good

A lot of people write like this

Grandma's handwriting

Some people's handwriting clearly sucks but is super legible. How does that work?

I want her to write it on my dick

She dropped out of high school, please forgive her.

It's long yet well written

Nothing bad to say when you compare it to Nakama Yukie's filthy handwriting

I got off to her handwriting alone

It's so well written I want to critizie her for it

Her "sa" and "za" are weird

Definitely one of the better ones

I wanna see her husband's handwriting

Aya font

You people complain about everything

I can't read it I'm still sobbing over this

She's better than me

Hard to read

My handwriting is fucking amazing

Not bad. A Very mature handwriting.

She writes like a mom, it's cute.

Kimutaku has surprinsingly great handwriting. (

It's crooked

I'm so jealous of HIRO

It's still legible so she's safe

Tags: arama original, aya ueto, exile, marriage

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