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9:30 pm - 12/11/2009

Music Station Super Live 2009 Guest List

Music Station just posted the list of artists who will be performing on their yearly Music Station Super Live. It's one of the most anticipate music special every year.

It will be shown on December 25, 8PM (JST) on Asahi TV

The artists are:

  • aiko
  • ayaka
  • Arashi
  • Ikimonogakari
  • AKB48
  • HY
  • Otsuka Ai
  • Kato Miliyah x Shimizu Shota
  • Kanjani 8
  • Kimura Kaela
  • KinKi Kids
  • Kuwata Keisuke
  • Koda Kumi
  • Kobukuro
  • JUJU with JAY'ED
  • Superfly
  • SMAP
  • Tohoshinki
  • Nakashima Mika
  • Nishino Kana
  • NEWS
  • Hamasaki Ayumi
  • Perfume
  • Hirai Ken
  • Fukuyama Masaharu
  • flumpool
  • V6
  • Hey! Say! JUMP
  • Porno Grafitti
  • Yuzu
  • Yusuke
  • Unicorn
  • L'arc~en~ciel
  • Remioromen
Source: Music Station Official Site

It's my first time posting here I hope I posted it right ^^. I can't wait for MSSL! It has a good line-up
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sonicphotonic 11th-Dec-2009 01:34 pm (UTC)
Big Bang and Mika Nakashima! WOO!
eatingthepie 11th-Dec-2009 01:34 pm (UTC)
talk about pop bias lmao
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sociologique 12th-Dec-2009 06:45 pm (UTC)
I was too, and I'm kinda bummed they're not :( I mean I like the list a lot but still.
bokchil 11th-Dec-2009 01:36 pm (UTC)
Tohoshinki~ ♥
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garnet_moon07 11th-Dec-2009 01:42 pm (UTC)
Haha... thanks for the correction XD

I'm really dizzy while posting this.
blovesit 11th-Dec-2009 01:42 pm (UTC)
Aw, if keyhole TV works I'll watch it!
ageneshi 11th-Dec-2009 01:45 pm (UTC)
Do you know where I can download keyhole? :D
I've been wondering for ages, lol.
jodie26 11th-Dec-2009 01:43 pm (UTC)
ahh i can't wait to see :)
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sunleth 11th-Dec-2009 01:55 pm (UTC)
loveandcoffee 11th-Dec-2009 01:43 pm (UTC)
Yuujo (I might be wrong in romanizing the artist name)
It's Yuusuke, the artist name of Kamiji Yusuke.

BUT OMFG JUMP *voices her excitement again*
loveandcoffee 11th-Dec-2009 01:44 pm (UTC)
ah, I was late. XD
ichaa 11th-Dec-2009 01:44 pm (UTC)
blovesit 11th-Dec-2009 01:58 pm (UTC)
baliwnababae 11th-Dec-2009 01:46 pm (UTC)
chokingday 12th-Dec-2009 04:41 am (UTC)
scribblyness_x 11th-Dec-2009 01:49 pm (UTC)
Oh shucks, a good drum-roll ruined by the darn tags.
salwaphoenix 11th-Dec-2009 01:51 pm (UTC)
I DO NOT approave of this list >.<
Why no Glay?!

On all biased-ness, Arashi <3
door_door 11th-Dec-2009 01:52 pm (UTC)
How the heck does Big Bang get to go on MSSL and w-inds. can't when w-inds. sell way more??
streetsoul07 11th-Dec-2009 01:54 pm (UTC)
tohoshinki & kat-tun on the same show.

wah.can't wait!
chaosmyth 11th-Dec-2009 03:10 pm (UTC)
I was about to say the same thing *___*

*flails around*
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