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Ueto Aya and HIRO’s official press statements, and the first blessings from their friends

On September 15th, many friends of actress Ueto Aya and EXILE’s HIRO sent their blessings to the newlywed couple.

One day ago, Ueto and HIRO have both announced via open letters addressed to their fans and statements sent to the press that they’ve officially registered their marriage. They both have been in a relationship for around two years now. There have always been rumors that the two were a couple, but the media has never managed to come up with concrete evidence.

Ueto stated in her press statement, “During those two years of our relationship, I’ve been charmed by HIRO’s manliness, great sense of responsibility, the fact that he has always been supporting me the way I am and has always been thinking about my circumstances. He does not only take active and kind interest in my family and friends. but also my agency.”

She continued, “I’ve been in the industry since the age of 12 and have always been exposed to a very hectic and perplexing lifestyle, which has made me not only forget what it means to have a normal private life, but also who I really am. After having never experienced a normal life let alone a normal youth, it was HIRO who gave me back a lot of my youth and brought a honest smile to my face.”

Finally she added, “HIRO is someone who invests his whole soul into work in order to reach all of his dreams. I hope I can be a strong wife who can support the family, while he is chasing his dreams.”

HIRO stated, “It has been extremely illuminating to see her always earnest and hardworking self and how she even dedicated her whole youth to her work ever since she was child. I truly respect her way of thinking, her way of life, and all I want from the bottom of my heart is to make her happy.”

Some of their closest friends and colleagues also sent them their blessings.

One of them is Ueto’s close friend Becky, who said, “Congratulations. I truly congratulate the two of you.”She continued, “Ueto and I have been close friends ever since our teens. We share so many memories and tears together. She’s cheerful, lovely, and kind. She knows how to cook, and she’s always straightforward with her work. She always thinks about her friends and her family. In other words, she’s an absolutely fantastic and lovely woman. Her marriage is as much my happiness as it is hers.”

Moreover, she revealed she’s on very good terms with HIRO and said,“He’s a broadminded and fantastic person. I’m only Ueto’s friend, but he still cares a lot about me and my family.” She added, “Please continue to protect Ueto Aya from now on and engulf her with your warm love.”

Ueto’s junior Gouriki Ayame commented, “I’m looking up to her as a woman and as my great senior at work. I’m feeling just as happy as if it was me who has gotten married.” She added, “Please invite me to your new home.”

HIRO’s fellow EXILE members congratulated the couple on their marriage as well.

ATSUSHI commented, “HIRO has always been working hard with almost no break for many years for his fellow members and everyone else except for himself. I’m truly happy and a bit relieved that he’s now going to build a family. All I can do now is to warmly watch over them, but I’m doing it from the bottom of my heart and with all my best wishes. I’m remembering all the obstacles we’ve climbed over and all the incidents we’ve gone through together. In a way, I now feel I have to grow up even more and repay him with everything he’s given me so far in order to be able to give him the highest possible support for his new start. Please build a happy family.”

MAKIDAI expressed, “All of us are very happy for HIRO. I look up to him as EXILE’s leader and as a man with great experience. Him and Aya-san, who I have been close for a long time, are now married. I really wish for them to build a happy family and to always be happy from now on.”

Finally MATSU added, “I’m praying for those two to stay happy and healthy for many years to come. LOVE, DREAM, HAPPINESS. Please raise your family, while always supporting each other the best you can. From the bottom of my heart, congratulations on starting your new life together with your life partner. Hiro-san. Ueto Aya-san. I’m truly congratulating you on your marriage!”

source: tokyohive

aya's edit made by me :3

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