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BENI is releasing a sequel to COVERS, COVERS 2


BENI will be releasing a second cover album called COVERS 2 in succession of her first one. Her first COVER album released last year in March has outsold her debut UMJ album Bitter&Sweet becoming her best album to date with more than 180,000 physical copies sold and doing extremely well digitally. If you don't know BENI takes popular songs from male Japanese artists and translates them to English. COVERS 2 will be out November 7 and will come in CD and CD/DVD.

Tracklist so far ( I linked the orignals so you can listen to these classics):

Squall ~ Masaharu Fukuyama
Paradise ~ Ken Hirai


I liked the first one, the lyrics didn't do it for me on some songs
so I am kinda bummed she is doing it again, same format.. -__-
but it got Japan to pay attention to her, so I am rooting her on
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