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Hey!Say!JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke and Arioka Daiki Verbally Abuse by Chinese Locals?

‘s Yamada RyosukeDaiki Arioka, and actress Kawaguchi Haruna, who are in Hong kong to shoot the upcoming Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo~Hong Kong Kowloon Zaiho Satsujin Jiken~ have received some anti-Japanese sentiments from Chinese locals.

Sina News reported that due to the tensions between Sino-Japanese relations over disputed islands, an anti-Japanese sentiment have risen among the locals. In their latest location shoot in North Point Market , some Chinese locals/ traders were reported to have givenYamada and the cast a “finger”, some cursing, and even heard saying that Japanese should not be coming to Hong Kong to shoot.

Chinese and Japanese relations have been strained after Japanese “nationalized” islands of Senkaku that Chinese are claiming as theirs.

Yesterday, the casts of Kindaichi filmed some of the scenes from Shangri-La Hotel in Tsim Tsa Shui to North Point Market. The busy wet market became a bustling film set with some of Hey!Say!JUMP’s fans following Yamada and Daiki.  The crowd thickened around 9 in the morning, but the casts maintained their professionalism and continues to shoot. However, some traders/business owners were not particularly happy with the casts shooting in their area and were heard saying, “You, Japanese people should not shoot here in Chinese soil“. As the traders angers grew, the production crew were forced to call the police for assistance to mediate.

The shooting continues from North Point Market to Regal Hotel to Causeway Bay streets. A large number of Chinese fans were tailing the film crew and even rented some small trucks/pick-up to make it easier to follow the casts.

The shooting continued until dinner time wherein the casts ate their meals inside their vans.

Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo~Hong Kong Kowloon Zaiho Satsujin Jiken~ will air this Winter.



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