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Shinohara Ryoko makes first public appearance after giving birth to 2nd child


On September 18th, actress Shinohara Ryoko appeared at a studio in Tokyo for a public recording for the upcoming ONE PIECE film, ‘ONE PIECE FILM Z‘.

This marked Shinohara’s first public appearance after giving birth to her 2nd child earlier in February. While hiding half of her face with the script, the actress repeatedly said, “I’m embarrassed.” On raising her 2 children, she shared, “It’s fun. I’m exerting myself to it.

As her first time voice acting, Shinohara commented, “I’ve been wanting to voice act. Despite being under pressure, it’s surprisingly fun. If I have the opportunity, I would like to do it again.

The 11th film based on Oda Eiichiro’s popular anime will be the first in the film series to take place in the ‘New World’. It will be produced by Oda Eiichiro, written by broadcast writer Suzuki Osamu, and directed by Nagamine Tatsuya.

Shinohara will voice a sexy scientist named Ain who goes head-to-head against Luffy and his gang. Meanwhile, actor Kagawa Teruyuki will voice a quiet, ninja-like navy named Bins.

Since Kagawa’s son is a big fan of ONE PIECE, the actor was fired up during the recording. “There was a lot of sound effects so it was fun. For this occasion, I read the entire manga series. I now understand why Kimura Takuya-kun was so into it, he is knowledgeable like an expert,” he said.



Source & Photos: Oricon & tokyohive

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