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Kanjani8 to Hosts NHK’s Documentary Show

Three members of Kanjani8, Yokoyama Yu, Murakami Shingo, and Shibutani Subaru will serve as hosts for NHK‘s first kanmuri TV show, titled: “Kanjani8 no Ashita wa docchi da!“. The said show will air for three consecutive weeks starting on Oct 1st.

Yokoyama, Murakami, and Subaru will visit three people who fights their way toward “tomorrow” despite the odds. Murakami will visit a sumo school that has never won any competition and hopes to snag their 1st win. Yokoyama will visit an aspiring female cartoonist from modern Tokiwa cottage. Lastly, Subaru will join a door-to-door fruits salesman under scorching heat who is starting over after a divorce.

“I think its important that even though things don’t go always right, they never give up on their dream,” Yokoyama commented.

“Could you envision your boyfriend sweating from working under the heat and barely holding on?” Subaru asked, “I want the younger generation to feel and relate something from that kind of situation,” he added.

Nobuto Ariyoshi, NHK producer, said that he chose Kanjani8 as the program’s host because of the struggles they faced after they debuted. “After they debuted, there was a time when they have little work and some have done some part-time jobs as well. I think that they can convey real feelings from these situations.”

Kanjani8 no Ashita wa docchi da!” will start airing this Oct 1st, NHK, (22:00, JST)

Sanspo and Oricon Style via jnewseng

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