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German pedophile releases book about Johnny's fandom

In a release that's sure to shock the literary world as we know it, German manboy and pedophile Marcus Herzig, better known as Kamichan to the young women that populate the fandom he frequents, has released a book, in which he assumes anyone cares about his life beyond stopping long enough to point, laugh, and ponder what the purpose of it is.

Herzig is already well-known for being a misogynist, making sexualized comments about little boys, stating that little girls who play with dolls understand that they have a baby because they had sex, fighting for pedophiles' rights, and harassing users who post about their relatives' suicides with links to his blog.

The exquisitely written 200 page tome is summarized by Herzig himself at the link above, and details the struggles he faced when he lied and told other fans that he was a teenage girl and how they reacted when they found out he was actually a 40-year-old man. He also references his poorly developed, rather stunted social skills.

In a blog post detailing important notes about the book's release (including information about how you - yes, you! - can win a signed copy of this masterpiece), Kamichan explains that he has spent the past six months living on Paypal donations from teenage girls in developing countries. Assuming this to be true (and one ought never assume), it becomes evident that the rumors about Herzig's lack of education (and, therefore, inability to secure meaningful employment or turn off his computer) are indeed well-founded. He also asks his loyal fans to please, please, suggest his book as reading material to their local meat cutters.

We wait with bated breath to see what the future holds for this middle-aged ingenue - the Caldecott?!

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