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Johnnys' only rock band celebrates 18th year anniversary

 On September 21st, 10,000 fans attended TOKIO’s “TOKIO LIVE TOUR 1718″ on its first day in Budoukan (Tokyo). This day was also TOKIO’s Debut Anniversary, commemorating single “LOVE YOU ONLY” released in 1994.

In an interview held before the concert, Yamaguchi Tatsuya said: “18 years ago, these 5 made a start, I never imagined we’d be able to create such good memories over the past 18 years. For this, I would like to thank members and fans”. After the concert he added “Ahhh, I’m happy! It was really emotional”. During the day of anniversary, drunk leader Joshima Shigeru sent a mail to all members saying “This year too, take care of me!”, Yamaguchi revealed and added that because of this, they were able to receive their anniversary laughing.

Matsuoka Masahiro added “18 years is a young age yet we’re 2 years away from becoming adults, when you think about it, there’s no sense of discomfort for TOKIO to become a group of old men”. ”When we asked Johnny-san if he would attend the live he said ‘You-tachi can do good on your own!’ and so he did not come”, he jokingly grumbled. “To Japan, we’re probably a group of old guys. So we’ll do a celebration according to it” “We have the power of experience so it’s not time yet of being defeated by juniors”.

In addition, Kokubun Taichi said “Since Arashi is also performing (they had a live that day in Kokuritsu Stadium) and have gathered almost 70,000 I was wondering if anybody would come to see us?”. When asked if they would held a concert next year in Kokuritsu Stadium, he jokingly replied “Maybe we can do and all-standing in the Futsal field next to it (Stadium)”.

The concert started with Nagase Tomoya shouting: “Today is the day we, TOKIO, were born. Let’s create the greatest memory ever”.

On September 23rd they will conclude the tour by making a live broadcast of Budoukan, to be displayed in 94 cinemas across the country.

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Kimi wo Omou Toki is still such a beautiful, nostalgic song. Happy 18th TOKIO!
(anyone has the MS live of the song, where the members are sitting surrounding Nagase while playing guitar?)
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