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MISIA to collaborate with Tomoyasu Hotei on "Ooku" theme song!

Singer MISIA and guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei will be collaborating for the first time on "Back In Love Again", the theme song for the upcoming film "Ooku: Eien [Emonnosuke Tsunayoshi-hen]", which stars Masato Sakai and Miho Kanno and hits theaters December 22.

"Eien" is the second installment of the "Ooku" series, following the 2010 hit film "Ooku" (starring Kazunari Ninomiya), which earned 2.3 billion yen at the box office. MISIA sought out Hotei, whom she admires and respects, to help her write a song that would express the "eternal love" between Masato Sakai's Emonnosuke and Miho Kanno's Tsunayoshi and thus this collaboration between the Queen of Japanese Soul and the Emperor of Rock Guitarists came to be.

MISIA commented, "It was a very stimulating and inspiring collaboration. "(Hotei) created a wonderful melody that pierces through the heart with a sharpness. I was moved by the beauty and groove of each note he played. During recording, I thought to myself, 'I don't want this to end, I want to listen to this forever.'"

Hotei also had high praise for MISIA, commenting, "playing guitar next to the best vocalists is the greatest pleasure for a guitarist. MISIA's voice is so powerful it could reach the heavens, it was very exciting to hear her." "I pray this gem of a love song reaches the hearts of all the lovers out there," he added.

"Eien" will serve as sequel to the TBS drama "Ooku: Tanjou [Arikoto Iemitsu-hen]", also starring Masato Sakai, which will air every Friday at 10pm starting October 12. The theme song for the drama, titled "DEEPNESS", will also be provided by MISIA.

source: Oricon
translation: baboona

"DEEPNESS" & "Back In Love Again" previews:

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