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Yanagihara Kanako to play Yamapi’s girlfriend in her first heroine role!

Comedian Yanagihara Kanako has been granted her first heroine role in drama “MONSTERS” (Sun 9:00PM) to premiere on October 21st, detective
drama that features, co-starring for the first time, SMAP’s Katori Shingo and Yamashita Tomohisa. When filming a dating scene with Yamashita, Yanagihara said “since the role was also addressed to different actresses seniors at the end it turned out to be me, I’m just glad is not a prank” with a tone of relief.

It was reported by the producers that Yanagihara thought it was a prank when she heard the news. Yamashita had this to say, ”we’re almost the same age so it was easy to establish conversation and get along well. Yanagihara-san is bright and wonderful, though this is the first time we meet, I think she’s really cute so I’m looking forward to filming together”.
When asked about a kiss scene for the two, Yamashita said “I’mlooking forward to find out what kind of lips she has!”, in a display of his “EroP” character.

[Nikkan Sports] [Oricon News] trans by jenewsdaily

What can I say?

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