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Natsuna & Kazama Shunsuke embarrasing “Love Love”

A wrap bus ceremony was held to commemorate NHK TV Series “Jun to Ai” (Mon~Sat 8:00-8:15) to start on October 1st, , starring Kazama Shunsuke and Natsuna, in the heroine role.

This bus used for advertising of the program will be also included in the filming of the drama, running through Taisho District in Osaka since September 24th until March, 2013 when the broadcast of the show will be over.

Natsuna commented: “Wow! I’ve never walked so much in my life. Having my face in there is really embarrasing” “We (with Kazama) had to make this photo session with a ‘love love’ earnest feeling to show our characters”. She mentioned having such scene being shown across Osaka caused an embarrased feeling.

credits here

Ohhh nice. Kazama's getting more acting jobs, Walking down Ikuta Toma's path I see.
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