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Most talented Jpop Queen releases two amazing PVs for her amazing songs!

File:Yakushimaru Etsuko - COSMOS vs ALIEN Promo.jpg

Singer Yakushimaru Etsuko released two fantastical PVs for the two tracks from her latest single “Yami Yami Lonely Planet” (release: September 26th) on Mirai Records‘ official YouTube channel.

The first PV for “Yami Yami” was directed by Yamaguchi Takashi and features a cute and eerie animation of a girl and a ghost drawn by Yakushimaru herself. The other PV is titled “Lonely Planet (Post A)” and is one of the five different PVs that are included on the DVD of her latest single. This PV was made by the design studio ‘rhizomatiks‘ that also include the popular artist and designer Manabe Daito. It features various appearing and disappearing light particles.

source 1, 2, 3

all the awards <3 she needs more love tho :(

Tags: music/musician (indie), pv

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