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EXIT TUNES to release compilation album, 'EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Ikemen Voice Paradise 5'

EXIT TUNES will once again be releasing a new compilation album. This one falls under their Ikemen Voice Paradise series. It will also be released on October 17th. As following with Ikemen Voice Paradise 1 through 4, this album will contain utaite, as well as utaite collaborations. The illustration is done by pixiv artist, MACCO. The release also comes with goodies such as:

Limited! 'Ikemen Voice Paradise 5' Original Talk CD

Limited! Original mousepads drawn/designed by MACCO (5 kinds)

Limited! Original cellphone strap drawn/designed by MACCO (5 kinds)

B2 size Poster

Shamuon / Sekihan / Soraru / nero / Ryo-kun

Shiso (Shamuon x Soraru) / Shamukony (Shamuon x Kony) / Ryo-kun x Mafumafu

1. Kosho Yashiki Satsujin Jiken / Tenhiwoha feat. Sekihan
2 Sherry -Remix- / HYBRID SENSE(from L.I.N.E) feat. Sekihan
3. Message from Sekihan
4. Setsuna Trip / Last Note. feat. Soraru
5. Yuugure Sensei / Ishifuro feat. Soraru
6. Message from Soraru
7. Domino Taoshi / Scop feat. Shamuon
8. Maigo no Boku ni / KEI feat. Shamuon
9. Message from Shamuon
10. Checkmate / YuchaP feat. Ryo-kun
11. Yoru ga Kureba Mata / KurageP feat. Ryo-kun
12. Message from Ryo-kun
13. Shinzou Democracy / MikitoP feat. nero
14. Ikasama Life Game / kemu feat. nero
15. Message from nero
16. Rimokon / Ji-zasu(Wonderful☆Opportunity!) feat. Ryo-kun × Mafumafu
17. Akashiki Arrival / Last Note. feat. Shiso(Shamuon × Soraru)
18. Yi Er Fanclub / MikitoP feat. Shamukony(Shamuon × Kony)

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