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Gouriki Ayame attends opening ceremony of new ‘Tiffany & Co.’ store


On September 28, actress Gouriki Ayame attended the opening ceremony of a new ‘Tiffany & Co.‘ jewelry store inside the SOGO Chiba department store in Chiba.

For the event, Gouriki wore jewelry worth 13,000,000 Yen (167,531 USD). She expressed, “I’m very nervous, but it makes me feel one step closer to becoming an adult woman.

She was also asked questions related to the recent marriage of her senior Ueto Aya. She replied, “Of course, I’d like to wear a wedding ring someday, but I still have a long way to go at work. I have to polish myself and become a reliable woman (before thinking about getting married).

The young actress just turned twenty at the end of August, so wearing a lot of jewelry is still a new experience for her. She bashfully revealed that she doesn’t usually wear extravagant jewelry. She said, “It’s one of my dreams to buy jewelry myself for the first time after becoming an adult woman. Receiving jewelry from a man as a gift would make me very happy as well.

The new ‘Tiffany & Co.’ store is the 55th one in Japan and the biggest in Chiba. The interior design is made of white marble and a few highlights in ‘Tiffany Blue’. It’s also separated in three different areas for fine jewelry, bridal jewelry, and casual fashion jewelry. For a limited time, they are also displaying a special yellow diamond necklace worth around 340,000,000 Yen (4.4 million USD).

The store opened on the 29th.




Source: Mantan-Web and tokyohive

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