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Aibu Saki and Tomoya Nagase broke up?


Actress Aibu Saki recently attended an dubbing event at  Tokyo for the movie, “Lincoln the Vampire Hunter“. Reporters grabbed the chance to ask about her “relationship status” with TOKIO‘s Tomoya Nagase. “It’s alright, I’ll leave it to your imagination,” Aibu replied with a smile. Although the actress answered the question with a smile, she was reportedly nervous that Nagase’s name would come-up during the event.

Aibu’s “I’ll leave it to your imagination” answer doesn’t neccesarily give the reporters a concrete answer about her relationship with Nagase. However, based from Aibu’s occasional smiles, reporters think that Aibu wanted to give the impression that her relationship with Nagase is going smoothly.

Despite all this, persons concerned said that the love story, which started last 2008, has already been over. Both of them broke-up last spring. Reasons? Both of them got too busy and their feelings for each other just pass. Another reason was that Nagase can no longer bear Aibu’s “attention-seeker” attitude.

The two reportedly live together in a luxurious apartment in Tokyo before the break-up. A huge fight ensued between both parties, which resulted to Aibu packing her things and left. The real estate person concerned even thought that the two would eventually get married because they got along so well when they were looking for a place to live.

Spurred by “break-up theory”, the two became wary that their break-up would be out in the public. Nagase is even scared that their break-up will be featured in next day’s sports paper and tabloids. According to a certain station’s director, a “certain company” asked them not to mention Nagase’s name if that matter will be reported. Although Nagase’s name will be omitted as a consideration to Johnny, a female reporter said it’s the first time she saw Nagase got nervous over a news report.

If the break-up is indeed true, it will be unfair that it is reported as “smoothly dating”. It won’t hurt them if they will be both honest about it.

That said, Aibu could use her experience in love in her acting projects, it would be worth a watch her acting in the future.

Source:  Tokyo Sports translated by jnewseng

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