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Aiba Masaki, Best Jeanist for 2nd consecutive year!

Jeanist award is given to celebrities who suit jeans the best. On its 29th edition, “Best Jeanist 2012″ was awarded to Aiba Masaki and Kuroki Meisa, after general election. This is the second consecutive year Aiba gets the said award.

“After standing here last year and being able to stand here yet again it’s something I wasn’t expecting. I have to say to people who voted for me, thank you very much. Truth is you can wear jeans or denim in pretty much any ocassion, though I wear it most outside shooting locations. I’m truly honored by this, thank you very much”, he said while receiving the award.

This ceremony has been held since 1984, awarded to Kimura Takuya (1994〜1998), Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (1999〜2003), Domoto Tsuyoshi (2004), awarding members of the agency for 11 years in a row. Although during 2005 it was awarded to another entertainer, agency quickly came back in 2006 with Kamenashi Kazuya entering the hall of fame by achieving this award for 5 consecutive years until 2010.

Though previous members of the agency have been awarded for even 4 or 5 consecutive years, conditions will change starting next year considering a maximum of 3 awards per artist.

29th Edition “Best Jeanist 2012″ Male Ranking

# 1: Aiba Masaki (7125 votes)
# 2: Jaejoong (5763 votes)
# 3: Yuno Yunho (4842 votes)
# 4: Nakajima Yuto (4499 votes)
# 5: Fujigaya Taisuke (2999 ​​votes)
# 6: Yamashita Tomohisa (1193 votes)
# 7: Changmin (1043 votes)
# 8: Yamada Ryosuke (952 votes)
# 9: Iwasawa Koji (809 votes)
# 10: Tamamori Yuta (652 votes)


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