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Alisa Mizuki to play villain in "Yokai Ningen Bem" live action film!

Actress Alisa Mizuki will take on the role of the villain in the live action movie "Yokai Ningen Bem", it was announced.

Mizuki's character, a humanoid monster, will play a key role in the story. A fan of the original anime series, Mizuki, who underwent three hours a day of special makeup and performed intense high-wire stunts for the role, commented, "It was a great experience, I had a lot fun."

The actress, who filmed her scenes during the summer, said of the three hour-long makeup sessions, "It was my first time getting this type of special effects makeup done."

The film features many high-wire action stunts, including intense battle scenes between Mizuki's character and Bem (Kazuya Kamenashi), Bela (Anne) and Bero (Fuku Suzuki).

"All this CGI and special effects makeup has me feeling very rejuvenated. I think the introduction of new characters, including mine, will make for a very fun and entertaining movie," said Mizuki.

When asked about his first experience working with Mizuki, Kamenashi said, "I was nervous, but a very good kind of nervous." "The impression she gave off and her aura were exactly what you'd expect. I learned a lot from working with her," he continued. "She's very personable and easy to talk to, we [the cast and crew] had a great time on set. Her Yokai form is both glum and beautiful."

"Yokai Ningen Bem" is the movie adaption of the drama series which aired last fall on Nihon TV. Mizuki's character is described as a woman whose involvement in a particular event triggers her transformation into a Yokai, which is done through the intermediary of plants. With her anger and hatred fueling her newfound abilities, she vows revenge on everyone involved.

The film, which also stars Hashinosuke Nakamura and Michitaka Tsutsui, opens nationwide on December 15.

source: Oricon
translation: baboona

Impeccable casting choice <3
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